I Want To participate in this visibility challlenge!

Become comfortable using video even if it seems scary to you now!  

  • Coaches… let’s lead the way!  Let’s set the intention we will have a global impact with an educational footprint. 
  • Change the way selling and marketing is done by giving valuable content to change lives.
  • Grow your audience by expanding your network and increasing your visibility!
  • Develop and fine tune your message 
  • Create fresh, impactful educational content to market your business
  • Learn how to create and use VIDEO to market effectively
  • Build a habit for creating consistent content
  • Create business momentum and ultimately monetize 
  • This is about bring everyone together for a greater purpose. 
  • As coaches, it is our mission to impact the lives of others… it is magnified and more powerful doing it together!
  • This challenge is bigger than ourselves, our business or the money… MOST PEOPLE have NEVER DONE THIS.  Not just make a video…but share their message… they are so afraid to shine their own light.  Here we band as a team and create an environment where everyone grows and develops their voice… which is louder together!
  • If you think: "I'm not ready" ...You never will be… this is about getting your knowledge out there… even if you don’t have a niche or a website or are still in school!   What do you know right now?  What could help someone else?  Get your voice and expertise out there and as a result you will find you message and strengthen your voice!